Posted by: Joseph S. Lima | September 17, 2010

Social Marketing Has Come So Far…

…and has a long way to go.

Earlier this week I was fortunate enough to volunteer at the first 140 Conference in Boston.  The ever engaging Jeff Pulver started this conference to enlighten the masses as to the potential and possibility of Twitter.   I had heard about the conference, listened to the dialogue, read the follow up posts, and watched it on Ustream.   Sitting backstage, listening to the 60 or so presenters share their stories on how they got hooked on Twitter or how they are using the relationships for their business or cause, took me back to the first time I used Twitter.

Novell’s technical conference, Brainshare, takes place every March and in 2008 I was not able to attend.   One of Novel’s technical partners had tweeted that they would be streaming the Brainshare keynotes with Twitter as the back channel.  Keep in mind that Novell itself was not streaming the keynotes.  The company would record and put up the keynote video on the public website a few days later.  Here I was, sitting at my desk, watching the videos and monitoring the dozen or so people in the audience sharing their insights about the presentations in real-time.   WOW.  That day I started spreading the word about the social revolution.

Fast forward to today.  What I just described is so commonplace that many of us take it for granted.  Yet there are many more people still dipping their toes into the social marketing pool trying to make sense of how social networks, tools, services and techniques fit will help them personally or professionally.   Folks still need to be taught the basics of using social marketing and how to fit it into their overall marketing mix.  This is why face to face events like the 140 Conference are so valuable.  To not only listen how other people and businesses are leveraging “social” but to meet them and make deeper connections.

CC Chapman said on a recent Managing the Gray episode that September and October is crazy conference time.  Yes it is.  There are several conferences and events spread over the coming weeks in the Boston area. Here are just a few:

  • Geo-M – I heard Dennis Crowley speak at the Eat, Drink, Be Social event this past May. While I understood the potential of location based marketing, listening him speak that day was an “a-ha” moment.  Details at
  • Inbound Marketing Summit – I went last year and met a ton of great people. Looks like it shaping up to be another great event.
  • FutureM – “is a first-ever multi-location event experience throughout greater Boston offering participants the opportunity to tap into the freshest thinkers in marketing, media and technology.”  More details at and register for events at
  • Boston Region Entrepreneurship Week – “is a week of celebrating everything related to launching and nurturing companies in the Boston area.”  Check out the great events at

Here is my challenge to you: Get up from your desk and go to an event.  Many have free registration and your ROI on attending will justify your invest in time.  Meet people and ask how you can help them with their projects or business.  Share with your friends and family what you learned.  And always continue to grow in knowledge and experiences (but hopefully not grow in weight!).

I will let you know what events I end up attending and hope that you do the same. See you around town.


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