Posted by: Joseph S. Lima | June 17, 2010

Seth and Me, Part 3

I have written previously about Seth Godin and the impact his books and ideas have had on me.  Today I had the privilege of attending the first stop of Seth Godin’s Roadtrip.  I have seen recorded presentations but I must say nothing beats seeing and hearing him live.

The day began with Seth riffing on a whole range of topics such as education, the industrial revolution, the current social revolution, the evolution of his thinking over multiple years/books, the economy and the place of the knowledge worker (you can read tweets using the #sethbos and #sethroadtrip hashtags).  The themes and discussion would be familiar to anyone who has read any of his books or his blog.  The audience then spent the rest of the day asking questions and interacting with Seth.  A-maz-ing day.

THE BEST PART of the day for me was meeting Seth and sharing with him an idea that has been kicking around my head for the past couple of months.  He offered some great feedback and in the spirit of the day, I am sharing with you the direction and focus of the blog and of my work.

By July 9th I will have a new home for Discovering the Social Web with its general focus being on the trends, ideas, organizations and people involved in the social revolution around the globe.  I will start of with a business orientation but I could easily dive into the social impact on political systems, religion, sports, film, music, language, culture…the list is endless.  The most exciting piece for me will be the resource wiki so that I can easily share  with you the people, places and networks I discover.  I really want to help connect people to collaborate, to enter new markets and to have conversations.

I shipped this post and I will ship the new home in three weeks. And to quote Indiana Jones, “I am making this up as I go along.”

See you soon!



  1. Looking forward to it! Also signed up for Seth’s email blog entries, I like the ones I have read so far, very good.


  2. Hey D,
    Glad you are digging Seth. I will give you a copy of Linchpin the next time I see you.

  3. We’re all makin’ it up — which, to my mind, makes it a lot of fun. 🙂 Looking forward to seeing your new virtual digs!

  4. Hi Janet,
    We are all “making it up” to some degree. See you at the next CRLive?

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