Posted by: Joseph S. Lima | June 9, 2010

TweetDeck dice Buenos Dias

I love TweetDeck.  It makes keeping up to date with my various Twitter lists and events a snap.  Composing message and sending them across Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn (my primary networks) is easy.  There are other tools such as Seesmic and Hootsuite that offer plenty of functionality.  TweetDeck is the tool I have used the longest.  Imagine my joy when the I discovered a recent update that included a language translation feature.

You are probably wondering why this feature would make me so happy. Well, I really enjoy learning about different cultures, languages, beliefs and so on. I always try to learn the local language and culture when I travel.   All the people I have met have appreciated the effort I made to get to know their country and them.

It is one thing to know a few words and phrases when traveling, it is something else to carry on an intelligent online conversation in multiple languages.  Now I can with TweetDeck.  I have tried this feature with a couple of folks in Europe with decent translation results.  With an extra step I can exchange ideas in a way that makes someone who is not a native English speaker feel valued and appreciated. This capability also can help organizations listen and respond to what people are saying on Twitter regardless of language.

Check out my Twitter stream over the coming months to see how it works or try it for yourself at



  1. !Muy bien Esteban!

  2. Gracias Arbolita

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