Posted by: Joseph S. Lima | April 30, 2010

Getting Back into the Groove

Hello occasional readers! It is your friendly occasional blogger, still kicking.  I seem to be writing around holidays or events (St. Patrick’s Day and the Kentucky Derby… and why I enjoy the Derby is another story for another time).  Many good things have been occurring on my end and this poor blog has taken a back seat.  A big project is complete and I am antsy to start writing again.  Here we go…

Using WordPress for websites: I use for my blog as it was a good and economical way to start a blog.  Lately I find myself wanting a more customized look, domain, etc so I will be making the plunge shortly.  One problem.  I am a WordPress newbie in terms of designing and customizing my theme.  In typical “Joe” fashion I have been reading up on WordPress and recently attended the Boston WordPress Meetup (meeting minutes can be found on their site).  Great event, well attended and very informative.  I saw the appeal of using WordPress to power a website and I will be doing more tinkering to determine if it can be used by the groups where I am a volunteer.

Facebook Privacy:  Ahh Facebook.  Love them or hate them we all have to deal with them.  Two recent articles demonstrate how Facebook is pushing individuals, companies, marketers headlong to the social web.   The first article (Wall Street Journal, April 22, 2010) talks about Facebook’s announcement of the Like button, a free method for websites to allow their readers to flag connect and have appear in their News Feed. In theory traffic will flow to and from Facebook and the sites that use the Like button. Companies will also begin to learn more specific details about individuals allowing them to develop more targeted campaigns. Although Facebook has stated they have no plans to divulge personal data and that they would increase their privacy policies, their actions say something different. For example the Electronic Frontier Foundation has a timeline of the changes in Facebook’s privacy policy. The amount of information being aggregated by Facebook is a goldmine and open to abuse. The more people share the better companies can target advertising yet increase the advertising and people will (may?) start to tighten their privacy settings and the amount of information they share. It would be wise for anyone using social networks to keep in mind that policies and norms can change at a moment’s notice, which could impact your activities or business.

Apple iAd:  Speaking of advertising, this article in the Wall Street Journal (April 29, 2010) about Apple’s plans for mobile advertising piqued my interest.  Mobile anything will be growing exponentially in the years to come as smart phones become more powerful and ubiquitous.  In true Apple fashion, the company is asking for large fees and creative control over the creative aspects of campaigns, at least the intial campaigns.   With 85 million iPhone and iPod Touch in circulation Apple, for now, can ask and get their terms.  It is another example of companies having to address mobile as a distinct but complimentary component of their marketing strategy and execution.

Upcoming events: I am planning on attending these events and sharing what I learn.

  • Social Media Breakfast Boston #17 – I am real excited about the next SMB event and not just because it will be held at Communispace’s offices in Watertown.   The speakers will be excellent and I will have a chance to catch up with folks.  Follow this link to learn more and register.
  • The Community Roundtable, CRLive! – The Community Roundtable is a group of community managers/practitioners and like minded individuals. Jim Storer and Rachel Happe organize a lunch at a Boston area eatery so that people can get together, network and discuss community/social media topics. I have met great people and have had wonderful conversations. Go to the Community Roundtable Eventbrite page to check out the schedule of upcoming lunches.

That is all for now.  Have a great weekend and until next time be well.



  1. Glad you are back and writing away! I really need to read more on WordPress, sounds interesting.


  2. Hey D,
    Thanks for checking in. I will have more to write on WP by next week.


  3. Hi Joe,
    Your blog is a must read so please keep writing & we’ll keep reading 🙂 Now a question. Why use WordPress vs say Blogger or Blogspot?

    Thank you, Tree

  4. Hi Tree,
    The main reason to use WordPress to power a website is that you can download and install the software on any web host provider (Blogger resides only on Google servers). Most web host providers offer a quick install of WordPress and there are many free themes that folks can use as-is or customize. I could go on and on as you know oh so well.

    Thanks for reading and commenting!

  5. WordPress is a nice little tool but I only use it for the blog (which probably shows on my own site, which I handcrafted out of bits of string and newspaper clippings …).

    There are ways to get into the themes and customize them a bit. I recommend saving any pages’ original html somewhere (just Notepad is fine) and then doing things like looking for the font names and replacing them with other fonts you might prefer. Just small changes to start, and see what happens, also to see if you’re really making a change that you think you are.

    PS Lovely to meet you today. 🙂

  6. […] I cannot miss are the Community Roundtable lunches, the CRLive, which I mentioned in my last post (check out the most recent tweets here).   There are many reasons why I can’t wait for the […]

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