Posted by: Joseph S. Lima | March 17, 2010

Can you tell me who has done this social media thing already?

Ok, ok. so it is a long title that probably breaks all the “blogging norms”. Oh well. I think it is a better title than, “Social Marketing Case Studies”. Or maybe not.

Anyway, I wanted to point you to some resources where you can find relevant examples of social media use in case someone asks, “who has done this social media thing before?”.

The first site is still in beta and it is called Case Studies Online. The site creator, Tod Maffin, has created a nifty site that will eventually allow people to search for case studies by demographics, by industry and so on. As I said the site is still gathering relevant examples so feel free to submit one if you think it is worthwhile.

Another useful resource comes courtesy of Chris Brogan. He has been bookmarking case studies and sharing them on his Delicious account

Finally, I am going to plug my own case study list on Delicious These are just the tip of the case study iceberg that is out there. You probably see wonderful examples every day and never think to share them with others. That is my challenge to you. Thank the people or organizations who are using the social web to its fullest. Share them with your friends and co-workers. The more people learn about what is possible the more growth and innovation will spread.

Do you have an example of social media goodness to share or a resource that others can benefit from?


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