Posted by: Joseph S. Lima | September 14, 2009

Hay que Rico y Delicioso

The family made the trek to Connecticut this past Saturday for a quick visit with some out of state visitors. When we go to Connecticut we always visit my grandmother (96!) so she can see her great-grandchildren. It is during these visits that I think back to when I was 4-ish, sitting in my grandparents kitchen. A big pot of something yummy was on the stove and we were waiting for this funny Spanish radio show to start (a story for another time). There was this one commercial for rice that sorta went like this, “NO NO diga arroz diga Vita Vita Arroz, que rico y sabroso”. Delicioso and Sabroso have always interchangeable in my mind, which brings me to the title for this post.

Lots of fun, interesting things have been happening with me and on the Social Web since I last wrote. I mentioned in a previous post that the one activity I do consistently is to read and save relevant posts. I use Delicious (aka Delicioso), a social bookmarking site, to tag and save this content (and here is the link to my content This site, more than Twitter, Facebook or even this blog up, is the window into what I find interesting and useful. Let me explain.

Delicious allows you to save any web page using a set of tags or keywords of your choice.  Some blogs have a “save-to” button for Delicious or you can install the bookmarking button right into your browser.   Whenever I read something interesting, I hit the Delicious button, and up pops the Delicious window.   Since I use Delicious all the time I have most of the common keywords memorized but the Delicious window will display my previously used keywords and keywords used by other people.  Therein lies the power of Delicious, you can not only gain insight into what is important for an individual, organizations can determine what information and keywords are important to their consumers or constituents.

Here is an example. Let’s say you are interested in learning more about social media measurements and metrics but you don’t want to search and sort through numerous posts to find useful information. You do know that I do a lot of research so you decide to investigate my Delicious page starting with my tag cloud, which displays my most commonly used tags. If you select the Measurement tag, you will see a list of my recently tagged articles or posts. From this point your research options are endless. You could,

  • Read the articles I have saved
  • Read additional articles from the same author
  • Read the comments on blog posts and discover new subject matter experts
  • Find other people who are interested in the same subject and connect with them, possibly discovering a new community of like minded individuals.

Who are these people?  Next to the title of the post you will see a number, which designates the number of people who also have saved the same post.  I will use a recent post by Jason Falls on Social Media ROI. You will see a list of all the people who have used Delicious to save the same article, perhaps some of their comments on the post and a method for contacting them.

There are other sharing sites such as Digg and Stumbleupon that are also easy to use. For individuals the key is to pick one bookmarking service and use it. For businesses and organizations, you will need to monitor all of these bookmarking services as part of your listening program.

Does anyone use a social bookmarking service and have some best practices to share?


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