Posted by: Joseph S. Lima | July 24, 2009

A Love/Hate Relationship with my Google Reader

Oh, how I love my Google Reader.  Multiple time throughout the day I can not wait to see what new tidbit of knowledge lies underneath each headline. It reminds me of Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks in “You’ve Got Mail”. Instead of “ding, you’ve got mail” it is Google refreshing and 20 more posts pop up.

Which brings me to the hate side of the equation. Too many blogs in the reader. Too much interesting content to filter, read, digest, save (on Delicious) and share. My browser keeps crashing because I will have 60 tabs open; posts from two weeks ago that I have not read yet but I will read each one after the kids go to sleep.

Sigh. Things are suffering as a result. Little or no exercise. Weeks between my own blog posts. The lawn is threatening to swallow small children and pets. There must be a medical term for this affliction.  Google Reader-itis?

On the plus side I have A LOT of interesting material for upcoming posts so thanks for your patience (all five of you who read this).   I am finding it easier to share links to interesting articles via Facebook, Twitter and even Linked In so friend me or follow me in these places.

Have a great weekend y’all!


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