Posted by: Joseph S. Lima | July 9, 2009

A new trend in writing a job description?

Recently, Best Buy posted a job description for an Emerging Media Manager.  The role requirements generated a lot of discussion to the point that Barry Judge, Best Buy CMO, announced that Best Buy would be soliciting input on the job description. I have seen people announcing social media related jobs on blogs exclusively but crowd sourcing a job description is fairly cutting edge.

Do I think this is the beginning of a new trend?  No. I don’t think that ALL job descriptions will be written with customer input.  However, I can see the job descriptions of different types of public facing roles (public relations, community manager, customer service, partner manager) benefiting from customer input. The challenge for the company is to listen to the input and for the selected candidate to actually deliver on the description.  The challenge for us as “professional free agents” is to keep our personal brand up to date, to make it easy for a hiring manager (and members of the community) to make the connection that you could meet their needs.  Developing and maintaining your personal brand takes a lot of time, as I am discovering, but worth the investment.

So, would you take a job who responsibilities were crowd sourced?


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