Posted by: Joseph S. Lima | July 8, 2009

Getting away in an “always on” world

Welcome back gentle readers. You may have been wondering where I wandered off to these past two weeks or so. Or not.  Well, the family went on vacation to Nantucket for a week with my wife’s family.  We enjoyed the beach when it was not raining and when it was raining, we went exploring.  It was great!  I thought about updating this blog when I was gone but I never got around to doing so.  I did update Facebook a few times, responded to a couple of emails, nothing too crazy.  But I got grief about spending time on the computer.  Huh? I was excited to share some details about the vacation.  Yet some folks said, “you are on vacation, go enjoy yourself”.

I am not the only person who has written about unplugging to some degree during vacation.  CC Chapman went unplugged almost completely while Amber Naslund and Chris Brogan are still posting regularly. So how do you, or put another way, can you, get away from an “always on” world?  The answers is “it depends”.  It depends on your personal and professional situation.  It depends on how important your social networks are to your business or job.  Can someone else maintain the conversations and relationships?  Will your networks understand if you are gone for some period of time?  Your answer may be “no, I cannot leave my networks to someone else and my networks will not understand”.  Then what is the point of a vacation if you cannot recharge the body and the mind? While you are pondering that question ask yourself about the quality of relationships with your network if they don’t understand the benefit of some time off. Oops, I guess some bias is showing.

The cautionary message is that managing your channels, networks and relationships require a lot of effort, even when you are on vacation.  When developing your organization’s social media strategy think through how you will support all of the networks you are targeting when people are on vacation or on holiday.  The last thing you want to do is lose the good will you have built up.

What are your thoughts about maintaining your networks will you are on vacation?



  1. I understand this, slightly. When I am away, and I mean truly away, I do not use the computer or anything. The point of getting away, is to get away. The stress, in my opinion, of folks is the fact that they are always on. I was sitting at the Dive last night, reading a book, relaxing outside in the gorgeous weather, and what are all the folks who are sitting near me doing??? Having long cell conversations, checking their i-phones and the what not. Try to chat with someone at a bar, and they do not even turn their heads. I go places with folks that are constantly checking their work BB’s because someone sent them an email and they have to respond NOW. There is nothing so important that you can not get to it later. Unless you are a DR and your patient needs you immediately. Why are folks on 24/7. And since they are on so long, they no longer know how to relax, yodel, or sometimes to have a good time. I know I am ranting on this, but I find myself doing this with my personal email at home, I know I should not, but I do. But when I am not near my personal computer, it is not near me!

  2. I agree that when you are on vacation you should get away from all the distractions to recharge, clear the noggin and so forth. However, can you really disconnect if your business is dependent on consistent interaction with your community? That is my cautionary note for using social media for your business. If you plan on taking time off then you better have a plan to keep the community engaged.

    Always appreciate the comments!

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