Posted by: Joseph S. Lima | June 18, 2009

Ever Google your name?

Have you tried to Google your name?  What were the results?  Chances are that if you have a common name the results are not even you.  This is fine if you don’t want anyone to know anything about your sorrid life.  On the other hand, you want to make it easy for a prospective customers or employers to find you and more importantly, to come away with a positive impression.

There are many techniques and steps in creating your “online personal brand”, which we will cover over a series of posts. For now, the first step is to Google your name as well as variations on your name.  Make a note of what you find or don’t find.  How high do you appear in the search results?  One step in improving your search ranking is to standardize your user name across all social networks and sites.  Make sure your profile (name, photo, etc.) is consistent in each of your current social network sites.

Another approach to ensuring consistency across multiple social networking sites is to use a service such as Namechk or Knowem.  Simply type in your name in the search box and each of these services will determine if the name is available in over 120 social media/networking sites.  You have the option of registering at at each site or you can pay them a fee to do it for you.

Hope you found these suggestions for managing your personal identity useful and please share the results.


  1. I have a Google Alert set for my name. I get an automatic email when Google finds a new hit for my name.

  2. Hi Gretchen,
    Great suggestion. Google Alerts is a simple and easy way for anyone to embark on the listening phase of the social web.

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