Posted by: Joseph S. Lima | June 12, 2009

Some music, some wine in time for the weekend

This week has flown by and as it is Friday my thoughts turn to the weekend.  I appreciate the rain but come on already where is the sun? Summers are short here in Metrowest Boston and I want to sit on my deck, listen to some music and have a nice beverage.  But what to listen to or drink? Here are a couple people who may be able to help.

Sometimes I get tired of listening to what I own or the radio. When I want to something new or different I check out the latest CC Chapman’s Accident Hash podcast. In fact I am listening to some bands like Sunspot and Black Lab, bands I would never hear on the radio. His podcasts are always fun and entertaining.

I use to go to wine shops to chat about wine or read a magazine about wine…then came kids. Seriously, I never considered myself a wine aficionado though I have my favorites like a Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand or South Africa or maybe a Malbec (since my father is from Mendoza). Who am I kidding, I like to try wine from all over the place. With so many choices I wonder what I should try next? For that I turn to Gary Vaynerchuk on Wine Library TV. Gary Vee can be a little intense (!) but I enjoy his perspectives on wine.

What do CC Chapman and Gary Vaynerchuk have in common? They are passionate about the music and the wine respectively and that comes through each episode. They have built a large and loyal fan base over a long period of time. They also demonstrate that while the barrier to entry into social media for individuals and companies is low, it takes a lot of time and passion to achieve the desired end goal. That is my social media lesson for the day.

Go discover some new music and a new wine and have a great weekend!

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