Posted by: Joseph S. Lima | May 22, 2009

Quick Poll – What do you want to discover?

The social web is vast and it is my intent to help you understand as much as possible.  In time.

At the moment, I have several areas of interest, which include:

  1. Personal Branding – how to manage your online identity to convey the image or perception you want to convey.
  2. Social Media 101 for Business – how to use social media to help further your business, your cause or something you are passionate about.
  3. Social Media 101 – a subset of #2 focusing on different tools and networks (i.e. how to use twitter and how to monitor your brand on twitter.
  4. International Social Media – what is occurring in other countries, what are the popular sites. etc.
  5. Food and Beer – I love to cook and Dammy loves to make beer so I am going to blog about how people are using it for their restaurants and breweries.

My request is that you choose your favorite topic in the comments section.  Or you can rank the five topics I have listed in order of preference, starting with your #1 topic.  Feel free to suggest other topics.  This blog is for you as much as it is for me.

Thanks and have a great Memorial Day weekend.



  1. Personal Branding sounds great! We struggle with that in my office (and I struggle with it in my head) all the time — how to participate meaningfully in an electronically connected world on both a personal and a professional level when those two things don’t necessarily mesh very well?? How to maintain a professional image when so much other stuff is out there? What to look out for?

    • Hi Chrissy,
      Personal branding will be my immediate focus as I will post about my experience. I think everyone struggles with it and once you move online, you have to be quite strategic.

  2. Cool topics! From a personal perspective I definitely have to pick #5 as I have been cruising the food blogs for some time now. I am also interested in the others since I work in technology and I have had many interesting discussions with colleagues about the ramifications of merging your work and home social media outlets. I like to keep a rule of thumb that I would not post anything that I would not want my boss, CIO, CEO to read but I can’t always control my friends :).

    • Hi Michelle,
      Which food blogs have you been following? I will be adding the ones I follow on the blog roll.

      Your rule of thumb is so true. Unless you are in a private group, everything that you post will always be available. The Internet never forgets. I have some examples that will drive that point home.

  3. Joey,

    I will of course choose 5 🙂 I will get you a CD with the MP3, are you going to Ralf’s… if not I will find you and get you the info. But I do feel that 2 and 3 are also interesting.


    • Hey D,
      I knew you would like #5 :). I may go to Ralf’s. And I now have the time to put our ideas into motion.

  4. Very good ideas! #5 please – wine info would also be helpful…especially as I have finally finished Ruth Reichl’s first book (thank you Michelle), I’m in a cooking frenzy.

    • Hi Tree,
      I have detected a trend. Wine, of course, will be added to the post. However, THE person who has mastered it online has been Gary V at I will have a post on him and what he has done with social media. Really amazing.

  5. Hey Joe,
    What a great concept! I’m interested in #1 & #2 as I have actually spent very little of my “business time” focusing on what I can accomplish online, beyond my Tupperware website. I want to push my/our image beyond the stereotype and demonstrate how Tupperware isn’t just about plastic bowls anymore… it’s SO much more, yet people often tune out/turn off the moment the hear the 2nd most recognized brand name on the planet, because they think “I’ve already got plastic bowls.”

    Being a SAHM/WAHM blend, being able to work when everyone else is asleep is a huge benefit for me and I’d love to know where & how to leverage my time with the appropriate Internet tools.

    Let me know if you’re looking for playdates, the boys & I are always at loose ends on M/W mornings.

    • Hi Niki,
      It is funny how people run in the opposite direction when they hear “Tupperware”. Make me wonder what Tupperware is doing vis a via social media. A research topic! Waa-hoo.

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  7. Definitely #2 for me – It seems to me that social media has changed what people expect on the internet. I am putting fresh content on my website nearly every day but have no idea how to know if it is relevant to readers, and more importantly, if it is the right thing to do to get conversions.

  8. Hi Joe,

    #5 is a great topic, but right now I think I’m more interested in #1. I’m trying to figure out how I can make myself stand out in cyberspace as I search for employment.

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